Wekk Podcast – Ep 84 – Miranda

Kellie introduced Katy and Mandy to the British sitcom Miranda and all three of their lives may never be the same. So much gratitude to Miranda Hart, the star and creator of the show, for making something so wonderful and giving us permission to be happy (but also stupendously silly) in our own skin. This episode is about the show’s creation, the characters we love, and our favorite moments.

We hope you’re enjoying our new music, Watering Trees, by Katy – performed and arranged by Samantha Theisen and Alex Brandenburg.


Wekk Podcast Ep 83 – 1969

Were you born in 1969? Katy and Kellie were. So for our first episode of season three we decided to celebrate all things fifty years old (and some quite a bit older). Learn about things that happened in 1969 (moon walking, protesting, murdering, protesting, internet-ing, Woodstock-ing, and more protesting) in this fun, whirlwind of a journey down memory lane….but not our memories….we were infants, people. We remember nothing.

Also, enjoy our new music, Watering Trees, by Katy – performed and arranged by Samantha Theisen and Alex Brandenburg.



Wekk – Ep 80 – We took a class!

Join Katy, Kellie, and Mandy as they talk about a class they took on how to handle a handgun. For many different reasons (which we talk about in the episode) we wanted to take this class and we each came away from it feeling much more knowledgable and prepared. We experienced many emotions (which we cover in detail) and learn which of us would be the most prepared in a zombie apocalypse (hint…it’s not Katy).

This is the first of our adventure/class/instruction series.

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Wekk – Ep 79 – Season Three!!

We’re back! Katy, Kellie, and Mandy are back and dishing about what is coming up in season three. We are setting off on entirely new adventures and we’re taking you with us. We have a desire to enjoy all that life can throw at us and everything we can throw back. Thank you for being with us for the ride.

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Wekk – Ep 78 – Beer, Books, & Tea – Eric

Join Kellie, Katy, and Mandy in a conversation about what has them freaked out, thinking, and pondering this week. And then stick around for a discussion about the 9th Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett – Eric.

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Wekk – Ep 77 – Growing up 70’s – Ironside

Katy, Kellie, and Mandy chat about the latest news – Terry Pratchett’s unfinished work, Cassini spacecraft, and Venus – and then discuss a fantastic book – The Flavor Thesaurus by Niki Segnit – as well as Katy’s penchant for creating meals she believes are the “best that ever was.” (She’s slightly delusional, but in a good way.)

Then in Growing up 70’s (starting at 28:30) Katy and Kellie discuss Ironside, staring Raymond Burr. It was a show with great writing, a fantastic musical theme by Quincy Jones, and directors that knew how to use stand-ins and teleprompters for their main star (tune in to find out why).

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Wekk – Ep 76 – Beer, Books, & Tea – Guards! Guards!

Enjoy a laugh (or two, three, four…) with Kellie, Katy, and Mandy as they discuss a You Tube channel all about dead people, a song that will never, ever, end (or at least not for a thousand years), and the name of the AI who will eventually kill us all. That and a whole lot more is in the first part of this episode.

In the second segment, Beer, Books & Tea, Katy and Kellie discuss the eighth book in the Terry Pratchett Discworld series, Guards! Guards! (Starts at 31:30.) How do an group of obsessive compulsive evil doers handle life when they manifest a soul sucking dragon bent on destroying their home town? Spoiler – not very well. This is possibly the most timely book so far in the series with many of the main themes highlighting what is going on in our world today. Plus it is hysterically funny with possibly the best description of a used bookstore ever.


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Wekk – Ep 74 – Growing Up 70’s – WKRP in Cincinnati

Gross news about bugs, facts about coffee naps, a run down of the D23 highlights, and a revelation about which of us would snort chocolate (and MORE) in our first section.

In the second segment (starts at 30:00) Kellie and Katy delve into the wonderful, wacky world of WKRP in Cincinnati. In our fan requested episode we talk about the great friendship between Jennifer and Bailey, how hilarious Les was (Katy is now going to tape off her own office), and how the creators and cast worked together to create a truly great show. Enjoy!

“Growing Up 70’s” is all about the television shows that shaped our youth. If you have ideas on what shows Kellie and Katy should cover, be sure to email them at wekkpodcast@gmail.com. The only requirement is that the show had to have first run episodes that aired in the 70’s.

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Wekk – Ep 73 – Beer, Books & Tea – Pyramids

In our first segment we chat about Olive Oil Regulations, Critical Role Podcast (yay!), What Remains of Edith Finch, English Heritage You Tube Channel, and the Netflix series, Anne with an E. Kellie also has a fantastic funny news story and we shout out our latest review. Spoilers for the Edith Finch game start at 9:47 and end at 13:21.

Then in our second segment – Beer, Books, & Tea we discuss the seventh book in the Terry Pratchett Discworld series, Pyramids. (Starts at 34:50.) What do math, politics, and a school for assassins have in common? Turns out to be a camel named You Bastard. Once again the Discworld takes the reader on a fantastic journey through our own assumptions, but in this one the message is pretty straightforward – either adopt change or be blown to a different plane of existence.


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Wekk – Ep 72 – History of Food, Yo!

Have you ever wondered about ranch dressing, english muffins, and jelly beans? We had and we wanted to share what we found out about the history of those foods. It’s some fun stuff, y’all. From cowboy lore, to massive global corporations operating in secret, to ancient foods converted into tiny beans we’ve got you covered. The History of Food segment starts at 37.57 if you want to skip ahead.

We also talk about Neil Gaiman’s new book Norse Mythology, a wonderful article about Dave’s Killer Bread on Modern Farmer (link here), the new Ken doll, and other fun stuff in the first segment. Plus a shout out to one of our listeners. Thank you!!!

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Wekk – Ep 71 – Kellie’s Corner – Wonder Woman and American Gods

This week Wekk went a little crazy. We talk about dieting and ‘carb flu.’ A podcast called Pod Save America is recommended as well as Sense 8 on Netflix. Jill Lepore’s article in the New Yorker on her mother and Jane Franklin (Ben Franklin’s little sister) leads to an intense discussion about how women didn’t get to write their own history. But to make sure we didn’t get too serious we ended the first segment with a news article about a naked man and a swan statue (guess which state…).

For our special segment this week (starting at 36:54) we delve into two of Kellie’s favorite things – Wonder Woman and American Gods. Lots of spoilers with this one. If you haven’t watched Wonder Woman, American Gods discussion starts at 58:46.

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Wekk – Ep 70 – Growing up 70’s CHiPs

This week we start off with a discussion about Imposter Syndrome. Credit to Neil Gaiman who recently blogged about it and prompted the discussion. Katy, Kellie, and Mandy realized they all suffer from it to varying degrees. Then we talk about Monstrous Child by Francesca Simon, Divinity Original Sin II Game Master Mode (so great), a heartwarming story about Ed Hardy (jazz musician and dementia patient), and the new iPhone X.

Then for Growing up 70’s (at the 33.25 mark) Kellie and Katy discuss CHiPs. We may have loved the show as children, but it was a difficult review (and often so hysterical all you hear is wheezing laughter). Enjoy!

“Growing Up 70’s” is all about the television shows that shaped our youth. If you have ideas on what shows Kellie and Katy should cover, be sure to email them at wekkpodcast@gmail.com. The only requirement is that the show had to have first run episodes that aired in the 70’s.

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Wekk – Ep 69 – Beer, Books & Tea – Wyrd Sisters

Besides learning more about Kellie than we intended (adding Kellie’s neurosis to the regular segments) Mandy, Katy, and Kellie share the books they want to be reading, the shows they think you should be watching, and discuss some stupid news. Then at the halfway point (34.22 to be exact) they switch to Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett, the next book in the Discworld series. The themes of destiny and truth made this book a bit more serious than the rest, but the underlying magic that is Terry Pratchett raised this book to among the best in the series. Also, Katy, Mandy, and Kellie would like to start a coven…just saying.

Music – Ben Sound – Ben Sound Music Link – Used via Creative Commons Music: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music


Wekk Main – Ep 66 – Stupid News

There are too many stupid news stories on television today so Kellie and Katy decided to share some even stupider news. You’re welcome. *But seriously…these are wacky times. We found some factually true but outrageously funny news stories and hope they put a smile on your face. Listen and laugh with us. **Also, Katy had been drinking beer…and we all know how that turns out. ***Blame Kellie.

Music courtesy of Alex Brandenburg. http://www.alexbrandenburgmusic.com/


Wekk Main – Ep 65 – Collections, Collectors, & Collecting

Do you collect anything? We do, did, have in the recent past, and through this conversation discovered so many interesting things about each other. What is a collection? What does it mean to be a collector? Why do we collect? Does it all track back to our ancestors? Listen to the answers to these questions and more (like what country Hello Kitty came from) in this week’s Wekk episode.

Music courtesy of Alex Brandenburg. http://www.alexbrandenburgmusic.com/


Wekk Main – Ep 64 – 2017 Books, TV, Movies, & Games

Katy, Kellie, Mandy, and Kevin review the top 6 things they are excited for in 2017. We each picked a topic and none of us (except for Kellie) stuck with our original six. Enjoy!

See a second post with the codex and links for everything we mentioned in this podcast (especially the 18 million books Mandy talks about).

Music courtesy of Alex Brandenburg. http://www.alexbrandenburgmusic.com/


Ep 63 – Superhero Origin Movies

The gang is back together again!!!! This time we’re talking about Superhero Origin Movies – what we like, what we don’t, and what stories we hope they will make into films. From Batman Begins to Guardians of the Galaxy, Katy, Kellie, Mandy, and Kevin cover as many as they can think of. And if you’ve heard of Cindy Moon and America Chavez (also Kate Bishop) we also talk about the female superhero movies we want filmmakers to focus on. Enjoy!

Music courtesy of Alex Brandenburg. http://www.alexbrandenburgmusic.com/


Wekk Podcast – Ep 62 – House Arrest Binging

We’ve all done something terrible…and, in Mandy’s case, caught something terrible…and we’re stuck in our houses. What is there to do but binge our favorite shows? Kevin, Kellie, Katy, and Mandy share the top eight shows to binge (and if you’re Mandy you have fourteen in reserve, just in case), and trust us when we say, you haven’t heard of some of these…especially that one…

Music courtesy of Alex Brandenburg. Visit her at http://www.alexbrandenburgmusic.com/ Go there, she’s really cool.


Wekk Podcast – Ep 61 – Floo Powder Destinations

As Kevin says at the beginning of this episode, we’ve commandeered some floo powder and have decided to travel to our favorite fictional movie worlds. Where did we go? Spoiler – Kellie is a little out of character with her choices…we expected something darker…and Katy didn’t follow the instructions…and Mandy’s dreams are weird…

Music courtesy of Alex Brandenburg. Visit her at http://www.alexbrandenburgmusic.com/ Go there, she’s really cool.


Wekk Podcast – Ep 60 – Top 8 Must Do’s at Disneyland

The whole gang is back for this week’s episode – Top 8 things you have to do in Disneyland…no, really, you have to do these things…all of them…don’t feel pressured or anything, but you’ll really regret it if you don’t…especially all the extra ones we threw in at the end so it is more like the top 20 things you have to do in Disneyland…you’re welcome.


Wekk Podcast – Ep 59 – Top 9 – Survive a Road Trip

Are you taking a Road Trip this summer? Kellie, Katy, and Mandy are here to help you survive it. It should come as no surprise that each of them defined this differently, to hilarious effect.

Remember to drop us a review if you enjoyed the episode. It will help others find us. And if you have an idea for a Top 8 episode let us know!


Wekk Podcast – Ep 58 – Animation

This week we talk about animation and our conversation wanders from Saturday morning cartoons to non-photorealistic rendering (and photorealistic rendering) to video games to painted cells. Below are some links to just some of the things we talk about.

The Walk VRJacob Frey (The Present)La Luna (that Italian short Katy was talking about)Superman – Max FleischerAllegro non TroppoLoving VincentDishonored


Wekk Podcast – Ep 57 – Catch Up

We haven’t seen each other in a while so we took the time to hear what each other was up to. Warcraft movie, Drunks and Dragon’s podcast, Peaky Blinders binge watching, We’re Alive – Lockdown, Unspeakable Words, Lady Dynamite, and Nuts….so many nuts.

Links of interest: Drunks and DragonsUnspeakable WordsNuts by Penny Lane “Lady Dynamite” Trailer


Wekk Podcast – Ep 56 – Comedy Part I

Katy, Kellie, Mandy, and Kevin chat about their favorite comedians in this super fun episode. Kellie shares how much she loves a podcast called The Monster Hunters and Mandy talks about a new app called Laugh.ly. After that we get sidetracked (and do some fabulous singing) talking about Stephen LynchChristine LavinPhil Hendrie, and of course Ray Stevens (you’re welcome for the impromptu harmony).

Then we go around and share our favorite comedians – Steve Martin, George Carlin, Ellen DeGeneres, and Patton Oswalt. And then we go a little crazy and talk about a whole bunch more people – Amy Schumer, Nikki Glaser, Lenny Bruce, Joan Rivers, Whoopi Goldberg, Phyllis Diller, Gilda Radner, Bill Hicks, Larry the Cable Guy, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Ron White (possibly a relative of Kellie…we’re not sure…we are, but we aren’t saying), Eddie Izzard and SO MANY MORE………….



Wekk Podcast – Ep 55 – Marvel AND DC

We love both Marvel and DC for different reasons and given that Captain America Civil War has just been released we spent an entire episode talking about what we like about both universes. Do we have favorite characters? Are there characters we long to see in film? Will there ever be a Marvel DC Crossover again? Kevin also goes into a bit of the history behind SHAZAM, which is fascinating, and incredibly relevant given the things happening in comics and movies today.

Some of the great things we shouted out include: Epic ComiccastThe Table Round Audio DramaCaptain Marvel/Shazam History on Comics AllianceDen of Geek


Wekk Podcast – Ep 54 – Games!!!

Happy International Table Top Day! To celebrate this lovely day (created by Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day) we thought we’d theme this week’s episode around table top games. As usual we head off onto a few fun tangents, but we mostly keep on course. Tune in to hear all about a fun podcast called A Toast to Tabletop as well as lots and lots of other fun places to get games.

Also – we created our own games and you can create yours too with our easy Wekk-Question creator tool (which is really just Katy asking you a series of questions). Enjoy!


Wekk Reads – Ep 53 – Harley Quinn, Killing Joke, Star Maker, Civil Eats

We all like to read, but we all gravitate toward different things, so starting with this reads we each brought something to share. Kellie shared her love for all things Harley Quinn, Kevin discussed The Killing Joke, Katy went into way too much detail about The Star Maker (and Freeman Dyson, Dyson Sphere, Kepler Mission…way too much), and Mandy told us all about a news site called Civil Eats.

We also had some fun news stories. Here are some links if you want more information:

Harley QuinnThe Killing JokeThe Star Maker wikiCivil EatsLatest info on the Kepler mission – NASAThe Little Prince picked up by NetflixNew Batman AnimatedSuicide Squad reshoots


Wekk Travel – Ep 52 – NEW YORK!!!

For our second travel themed episode we talk all about a city we love. Ours is mostly from a tourist perspective, since none of us live there, but we peppered the conversation with a fun trivia contest – and *spoiler we never figured out the winner…they probably all tied.

Some links in case you were curious: History of Central ParkAmerican Museum of Natural History (which we never said correctly), A Slice of Brooklyn Tour (Kellie highly recommends)


Wekktrition – Ep 51 – Challenge #2 Fruits and Veggies

Welcome to our second challenge – five servings of fruits and vegetables each and every day. For some of us it was easy and for others nigh impossible, but everyone learned something. We were once again joined by Kenny Rotter from Dumbbells and Dragons and Joe Hogan from Geektitude.

The Wekk team also got together the next week to talk about the challenge some more and this podcast is a conglomeration of the two.

We mention a lot of great websites and podcasts: the Family Food Forum blog by Esther Schultz, Dietitians Unplugged Podcast, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, “Stranded in a Food Desert,” “How to Pack the Perfect Salad in a Jar” from The Kitchn, Fruits & Veggies More Matters, 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating, End Food Waste (Ugly Fruit and Veg), “Giant Eagle Now the Largest Supermarket Selling Ugly Fruits and Vegetables” from Civil Eats.

If you have any questions, you can find Mandy on Twitter @AmandaBlakeMS, or email wekkpodcast@gmail.com. Feel free to comment below as well!


Wekk Chatter – Ep 50! – Dragons!

It’s our 50th episode! Woot! To celebrate we invited our friends Joe Hogan of the Geektitude podcast and Kenny Rotter of Dumbbells and Dragons to chat with us about dragons. DRAGONS! We discuss our favorite movies, books, and websites. We talk about whether dragons who talk are better than dragons who don’t. We even sing some Peter, Paul, and Mary and a few lyrics from Pete’s Dragon. Trust us…this is all star. Who remembers Trogdor the Burninator? Spoiler – Only Kevin, Kenny and Joe did. Tune in for this and much, much more. And listen to Joe and Kenny’s podcasts, because they are awesome…or Wekk (if you speak Canadian).

Visit Home Star Runner or Home Star Runner on You Tube or more specifically Dragon to learn more about Trogdor the Burninator.


Wekk Listens – Ep 49

Once again we dive into podcasts and pick our favorites to share with you. Mandy chose a listener recommendation – Dear Sugar Radio and we talked about all the great advice Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond give to their listeners. Kellie had us listen to Scott Sigler‘s audio recordings of his books and his Friday Fix podcasts. Kevin introduced us to Full of Sith Podcast and we all learned some fun facts about Star Wars. And then finally, Katy pointed us to Women at Warp and we tapped into our inner Star Trek geekiness. It was another great round of podcasts and we’re glad we get to share it with you.

If you have podcasts you’d like us to listen to email us at wekkpodcast@gmail.com. Follow us at Twitter @wekkpodast or on Facebook.


Wekk Travel – Ep 48 – Where would we go?

Katy, Kellie, Kevin, and Mandy attempt to answer the tough travel questions – where do we want to go and where would we go if we could only travel one more time? Have you ever wondered why there’s an ATM in Antartica (which sounds like a great title for a novel…you’re welcome) then you must listen to this episode.

Doctor loses his clothesspot Gen3


Wekk (trition) – Ep 47 – Challenge #1 Sodium

For our first nutrition-focused podcast we challenged ourselves to reduce our intake of sodium. Katy, Kellie, and Kevin all tried in their own way to cut back. Some days we were more successful than others. Some meals were excellent (and others not so much). And some of us had garlic fries and a club sandwich before a long plane flight. With help, guidance, and encouragement from Mandy we did learn some new techniques and made some long lasting changes. (We also shared those secret foods that we will never give up.)

Current Dietary GuidelinesCDC and Salt IntakeWalkr Game


Wekk Podcast – Ep 46 Fan Fiction

We delve into fan fiction in this week’s episode. Katy, Kellie, Mandy, and Kevin all share (and potentially, hysterically, overshare) what fandoms they love the most (Star Trek, Veronica Mars, X-Files…) and discover that they know more about fan fiction then they originally thought. In the course of the discussion we covered so many great websites and sources that the link list below long, but they are all worth checking out. Bottom line, in our opinion, if you want to write fan fiction, do it, and have fun…and then link us to what you post.

NPR Pop Culture Happy HourFansplaining Tumblr LinkTransformative WorksFanloreKindle WorldsDeviant ArtLauraann Dohner The New SpeciesJust ImpedimentNeil Gaiman on fan fictionSpaceman Spiff – In case you don’t know who that is…


Wekk Chatter – Ep 44 – Hackers

In this month’s Chatter episode we discuss Hackers. Kellie leads the conversation with a review of the show Mr. Robot, and then Kevin, Katy, and Mandy join in. Sprinkled in between serious discussion are hilarious mentions of real dolls and George Washington wigs….(you’re welcome). Listen in if you want ideas on how to foil hackers including showering with your clothes on and infecting all touch pads. Also, big thank you to Alex Brandenburg for our music. Thanks Alex!

Ted Talk Reference

Mr. Robot

Alex Brandenburg Music


Wekk Imagines – Ep 43 – Worldbuilding

For this Wekk Imagines episode we decided to tackle the subject of Worldbuilding: our favorite literature (Philip Pullman, Tad Williams, L. Frank Baum, Piers Anthony), games (Dead of Winter, Dungeons and Dragons, Dragon Age), and television/movies (Star Wars, Star Trek, Killjoys, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica). We talk about what we feel are the essentials of world building and why sometimes it doesn’t work. As usual, hilarity ensues, and we learn essential Kellie backstory (hint: it has to do with her opinion on gum).

We reference a couple of blog posts: TerribleMinds.com and TVtropes.org


Wekk Reads – Ep 42 – Cinder

On this Reads episode Katy, Kellie, Mandy, and Kevin discuss Cinder by Marissa Meyer (and pronounce Peony several different ways). It was a fun read we all enjoyed, but it was even more fun to talk about afterward. Did we like Kai? Who would be the best voice actor for Iko? What the heck did Cinder look like? What does it mean to be a cyborg? We answer these questions and more.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer


Wekk Listens – Ep 41 – Podcasts we love!

In this month’s Listens we review four podcasts we love. Katy talks about Disney Story Origins, Kellie brought us Once and Future Nerd, Kevin told us about FeaB, and Mandy recommended Women of Marvel. They were all great.

Disney Story Origins Podcast

Once and Future Nerd


Women of Marvel Podcast


Week Podcast – Ep 39 Wekk Imagines – Female Superheroes

In our first Wekk Imagines episode Katy, Kellie, Mandy, and Kevin chat about female superheroes. We discuss everyone from Wonder Woman to Daisy on Agents of Shield, television to movies, comic book origins to future incarnations, and everything in between. We also delve into how female superheroes are portrayed and why we hope the Wonder Woman movie succeeds on the merits of the story instead of the female star. Intermixed between all the intelligent chatter are some truly hysterical moments (realizations)…especially at the very end. Enjoy!

Stan Lee blog article

Marie Claire Article

Article on Sana Amanat


Wekk Podcast – Ep 37 – Wekk Listens – We review podcasts!!

Katy, Kellie, Mandy, and Kevin search for podcasts so you don’t have to. We chat about our favorite finds (rating them in a Flex Listens scale or “Tuck” worthy – you’ll have to listen to find out what that means) in this Wekk Listens episode: Hello From The Magic Tavern, Batman The Long Halloween, A Way with Words, and Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend (and more…) Do you have a favorite we should listen to? Please let us know!

Hello From The Magic Tavern

Batman The Long Halloween

A Way With Words

Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend


Wekk Chatter – Ep 36 – Guilty Pleasures – (Or Enjoying what you love)

This week we introduce a new format for Wekk Podcast. We’re going to do four different types of podcasts – Wekk Chatter, Wekk Listens, Wekk Reads, and Wekk Imagines. We’re also going to be posting every other week until 2016.

This week’s episode is all about loving what we love and not feeling guilty about it. Kevin starts us off by discussing the documentary Sound City in which Dave Grohl encourages everyone to not feel guilty about the music they enjoy. In our typical fashion, Katy, Kellie, and Mandy broaden that to talk about television, movies, books, and food we enjoy but don’t share with the world. We talk about many, many things including Barry Manilow, ABBA, A-Team, Meatloaf, Mountain Dew, Hostess Cupcakes, and a vase full of action figures.


Wekk Podcast – Ep 35 – Mini Wekk – Travel Vlogs, Antartica podcasts and more!

This week Katy, Kellie, Mandy, and Kevin discuss their miniwekk choices: the Hidden Brain podcast, a great podcast about making coffee in Antarctica, The 33 film, and You Tube channels that show hiking and various outdoorsy scenes, including Joe Brewer’s.

NPR Hidden Brain Podcast

Ice Coffee In Antarctica Podcast

The 33 (film)

Joe Brewer You Tube Channel


Wekk Podcast – Ep 34 – Green Arrow and The Flash – Comic Book History

In this episode we go over the comic book origins of Green Arrow and The Flash. We go back…way back…to the beginning (Golden Age), and then bring both superheroes forward into today’s series. We discuss what changes the television shows made (costumes, personalities…girlfriends) and mention the call-outs to the origins of both heroes.

We enjoyed researching Green Arrow and The Flash and found many resources, some of which were conflicting, so we focused on the most consistent of the history. We hope you enjoy it!


Wekk Podcast – Ep 33 – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

This week we discuss Ransom Rigg’s book Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Warning – Spoilers!! So finish the book before you listen.

MiniWekk – JoJo Moyes and her books – Me Before You and After You and TIG, the documentary about Tig Notaro.

Ransom Riggs

JoJo Moyes

Tig Notaro


Wekk Podcast – Ep 32 – Fall Preview Favorites

This week Katy, Kellie, Mandy, and Kevin discuss what they’re looking forward to in fall books, movies, and television. Shows like Supergirl, Blindspot, Doctor Who, and The Muppet Show, as well as movies like The Hunger Games, Miss You Already, and Trumbo. Mandy brings some class by mentioning books like After Alice and Twain and Stanley Enter Paradise.

MiniWekk – The Girl in the Spider’s Web, Everyday Science – a You Tube Channel, Childhood’s End on SyFy, and Powerless (a hopeful pilot).


Wekk Podcast – Ep 31 – Bucket Lists

In this fun episode Katy, Kellie, and Mandy talk about their personal bucket lists (and the origin of the term – bucket list). They discuss what they would do, where they would go, and the why of it all.

MiniWekk – Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales on Disney, Johanna Basford Coloring Books, Zen Doodling, and the September issue of Popular Science.


Star Wars Lego: Droid Tales

Johanna Basford

Zen Doodling

Popular Science

Smithsonian Magazine


Wekk Podcast – Ep 30 – Our recap of D23 Live Action Panel and More!!

Our first long episode is a special one. We love all things Disney and Kellie and Katy were able to attend the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California. In this episode we give you a complete rundown, as well as tips and a full review of the live action panel (can you say Civil War and Star Wars?) In our MiniWekk we cover Felicia Day’s new book (You’re Never Weird on the Internet), a game called Sorcery, Realm Pictures’ live action first-person shooter, and one of our favorite comic strips – Bloom County.


Wekk Podcast – Ep 27 – Litopia.com, Giulia Enders book “Gut,” Susan Cain’s “Quiet”, Ultimate Spiderman

This week our MiniWekk takes over and we talk about a website called Litopia.com, a book called Gut by Giulia Enders, a book called Quiet by Susan Cain, and then, so that no one things we’re too serious, Kellie talks about Ultimate Spiderman and launches us off into a discussion about what we love in superheroes. Along the way we mention Mary Roach’s book Gulp, deep dive into whether we are Introverted or Extroverted, review the Dubsmash war between Haley Atwell and Clark Gregg, and ask the most compelling question of them all – Why does Spiderman need a motorcycle? After you listen tell us whether you’re DC or Marvel. We want to know.


Wekk Podcast – Ep 26 – Science Mysteries

MiniWekk – Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast, Flophouse Podcast, Mr. Holmes, and the Bryant and May books by Christopher Fowler.

For the main Wekk we discuss mysteries that intrigue us: small particles, dark energy, dark matter, Earth-like planets, life in the universe, dimensions (dimensional travel), unification theory, as well as what happens to our brains when we sleep. Along the way we mention books by Brian Greene, Michio Kaku, and Philip Pullman, and reference our favorite science fiction television shows like Dr. Who and Farscape.


Wekk Podcast – Ep 25 – Board Games

This week’s Mini Wekk, we talk about Being Human (BBC), Doctor Who, Lifeline (a fun game app), Joss Whedon’s Twist comic book series, and Con Man. Then, we go into a deep dive about board games. Games we loved as kids (Yahtzee, Backgammon, Stratego), co-operative games we love (Dead of Winter, Pandemic), cool card games (Dominion, Munchkin), games we want to play next (7 Wonders, Puerto Rico), and many, many others (including Lords of Waterdeep, Epic Spell Wars, Ticket to Ride, etc.) What is your favorite game to play?


Wekk Podcast – Ep 24 – What Three Books Define You?

First, a Mini Wekk where we talk about Jon Klassen’s children’s books, Screen Junkies Movie Fight’s podcast, Star Wars panel at ComicCon, and the Late Show Podcast with Stephen Colbert. Then we get into a discussion of how which three books define us. We talk about books like Blubber by Judy Blume, 1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell, Ahab’s Wife by Sena Jeter Naslund, League of Frightened Men by Rex Stout, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Neuromancer by William Gibson, In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson, and many, many more.


Wekk Podcast – Ep 23 – Odd Mom Out, Creed, Brad Meltzer’s children’s books, Bookmark and more…

In this weeks podcast Katy, Kellie, Kevin, and Mandy discuss the things they loved this week – Odd Mom Out, the upcoming movie Creed, the children’s books of Brad Meltzer, and a show on Retirement Life called Bookmark. Then we get into a fun conversation (possibly a debate) about technology – what we love, what we hate, what we wish we had more of. (DOWN WITH MICROFICHE!)

Odd Mom Out

Creed Movie Trailer

Brad Meltzer’s Children’s Books



Wekk Podcast Ep 22 – Mini Wekk (D23 Expo, Pluto, Oak Island, Brainstorm, and more)

Our Mini Wekk took over the podcast this week. Kellie chats about the D23 Expo in Anaheim this August. Katy mentions a podcast called Astonishing Legends and an episode they did on the mysterious Oak Island. Mandy reminds us about NASA’s Pluto expedition and the strange trouble they had with a computer shut down. And Kevin rounds out the show with a fun discussion about movies that perhaps don’t stand the test of time: Brainstorm, Ice Pirates, Black Hole, and many many many more.

D23 Expo

Astonishing Legends


Brainstorm – Turner Classic Movies

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Wekk Podcast Ep 21 – Ready Player One

Did you read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline? We did and we wanted to talk about it (warning – lots of spoilers). In honor of our 21st podcast anniversary we discussed the book over drinks. And by drinks we mean coffee and tea (because we record at eleven in the morning and drinking alcohol would be weird)… Enjoy! And if you read the book, let us know what you think.

Here is the author’s website, one of the coolest ever. http://www.ernestcline.com


Wekk Podcast – Ep 20 – Trivia (Star Wars, Comic Books, Aliens, Star Trek and more)

With Kevin as host, play along with Katy, Kellie, and Mandy as they answer trivia questions about Aliens, Star Trek, television shows like Continuum, Star Wars and comic books (Batman, Superman, Ant-man…all the mans). What do Shakespeare and Aliens have in common? Is it Greedo or Boba Fett? Where the heck was Luke going? And the Walking Dead question that to this day remains unresolved. See if you can rack up a higher point total than our contestants as they battle for trivia supremacy.


Wekk Podcast – Ep 19 – Dark Matter, Rick Gualtieri, Merits of uploading your brain, Fitness Trackers

On this round-table, we delve into new Syfy Channel shows, “Dark Matter” and “Killjoys”; we examine author Rick Gualtieri’s website The Poptart Manifesto (his books and writing advice); we discuss a Smithsonian magazine article and debate whether we’d want our brains uploaded to a computer; and we go over the pros and cons (mostly pros) of fitness tracker technology.


Wekk Podcast – Ep 18 – Questions: Fav Action Film, Zombies or Vampires, and more…

Join us for more laughter, fun, and surprises as we answer more random questions pulled from the official Wekk Soup Bowl: favorite action film and board game, zombies or vampires, things we’d miss in an apocalypse (can you live without your cell phone?), whether we are a dork, geek, or nerd (or all three), and more.

If you enjoy this, feel free to give us a rating or leave us a comment!


Wekk Podcast – Ep 17 – Jim Henson’s The Storyteller, Annie Bellet, Hit RECord, David Foster Wallace

We start this week off by discussing Fame High, LM Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables), James Ellroy (Star Wars), and Bill Nye the Science Guy. After that we discuss the comic book, “Jim Henson’s The Storyteller,” a book series by Annie Bellet called “The Twenty-Sided Sorceress,” Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s collaborative production company, named “Hit RECord,” the TV show, “Turn,” and an upcoming movie about the late author, David Foster Wallace called “The End of the Tour.” There was so much in this episode we wish you could have been in the studio with us when we were recording. Remember to let us know what you think and what you enjoyed this week.


Wekk Podcast – Ep 16 – Super Fight!

It’s time to kick butt and take names as we play “Superfight – A Game of Absurd Arguments.” Find out who prevails in an all-out battle for Wekk/Superfight domination. And don’t forget to check out the game at http://www.superfightgame.com/

We spend a little bit of time before the game starts talking about television shows we’re enjoying (Continuum, Orphan Black, Penny Dreadful) and a few other things – (a mini-Roundtable). Enjoy!


Wekk Podcast – Ep 15 – What a lovely Round-Table!

This is our biggest round-table yet. Kellie shares with us a great audiobook website (reviewing 7th Son by J.C. Hutchins); Kevin talks about the classic Thunderbirds TV show from his childhood; Katy discusses her love for Kelly Sue DeConnick’s writing in the newest Captain Marvel issue as well as two other great Marvel comics (Black Widow and Secret Avengers); And finally, Mandy says, “What a lovely day” with Mad Max: Fury Road, and she shares with us a super-special book that she used to ask us interesting questions. All that and much, much more.

Wekk Podcast – Ep 14 – The Martian by Andy Weir

Special Ep 2 – Wekk Book Group – “The Martian” by Andy Weir
Katy, Kellie, Mandy, and Kevin go into deep “Martian detail” about Andy Weir’s amazing debut novel, “The Martian.” Get stranded on the red planet with us and hear us talk about what characters we liked, what scenes were the coolest, and what pet-peeves we have. (This is filled with spoilery goodness, so please read “The Martian” if you want to know what in heaven’s name we’re babbling on about.)
Andy Weir’s Official Author Page:
Map of Mark Watney’s official traverse as described in the book:

Wekk Podcast – Ep 12 – I Can’t Quit You, Disneyland

This week, Disneyland is our obsession. As the original Disney Park, Disneyland is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Find out our favorite current rides, our favorite extinct rides, our favorite foods and eateries found in the park, as well as tons more chat about the original “Happiest Place on Earth.”
Disneyland Official Site:
Yesteryear is a site for anyone looking for information on extinct attractions in any of the Disney Parks. It’s a great resource:
Ride “Adventures Thru Inner Space” in this excellent virtual video using the actual audio from the ride:
The late, great Paul Frees is discussed as a beloved voiceover actor in several Disney attractions, such as Haunted Mansion and Adventures Thru Inner Space.
Country Bear Jamboree (This is actually from Walt Disney World as it’s the best video I’ve seen yet, and the show actually originated in Orlando.)
“America Sings” from Disneyland circa 1987. (Most of these animatronic figures were reconfigured for Splash Mountain and Star Tours.)

Special Ep 1 – Spoilery Wekk – “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

Spoiler-Senses are tingling as Katy, Kellie, Kevin, and Mandy deep-dive into “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Find out what we liked, what we didn’t like, and where we see the Marvel films going. Also, learn what some Wekk co-hosts think about a certain Asgardian god who may (or may not) be naked in the film. Enjoy.
Marvel.com – Official film website:
**This is Katy, he’s naked…also, we spoil the entire movie in this episode…fair warning.

Wekk Podcast – Ep 11 – Who would you cosplay as? What alien race would you be? Would you go to Mars?

This week is a questions episode. Apologies to those listening with headsets as we have several bouts of hysterical laughter. Somehow we manage to answer questions such as, Who would you cosplay? What alien race would you be? Would you go to Mars? and many many more. We invent our own sitcom in space (which someone needs to write) and contemplate a future with self-driving cars.

Thank you for listening!


Wekk Podcast – Ep 10 – Thrilling Adventure Hour, The Fall, Snowpiercer, Boundary Crossed

We are not exaggerating when we say this week’s episode will make you laugh and cry, maybe both at the same time. Katy, Kellie, Kevin, and Mandy talk about many things and manage to insult nearly every country in the world all while making a heartfelt plea to Netflix (not a sponsor). Katy gushes over her love of Thrilling Adventure Hour (but mainly Mark Evan Jackson and Sparks Nevada). Mandy dives into The Fall and educates us all on UK television. Kevin dissects Snowpiercer and we briefly discuss Chris Evans body of work (pun intended). And finally, Kellie shares why she loves the new series by Melissa F. Olson – Boundary Crossed. We hope you enjoy it!

If you do (and have a few extra minutes) leave a review or a comment. Thank you for listening!

Links below:






Wekk Podcast – Ep 9 – Questions, Questions, and more Questions

This week Mandy is off finishing up her masters of Science (“She blinded me with science!”) so Katy, Kellie, and Kevin sit down with a soup mug full of questions and entertain themselves. Topics include an epic throw down between Thor and Superman, favorite Disney Princesses (including Leia), preferred fictional worlds, and other podcasts to enjoy.

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Wekk Podcast – Ep 8 – We’ve Got a Question – What old TV shows should be reboot?

Kellie asks a question – What old television shows should be reboot? The conversation starts out thought provoking and factual, but by the time we reach Kevin’s pick, ideas start to fly (and we get a little goofy). So, enjoy! And let us know which shows you think should be back on the air…but different…with plausible characters…good writing…awesome actors…modern tech…using our ideas exactly…are you listening Hollywood?


Wekk Podcast – Ep 7 – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Cards Against Humanity, Cox n Crendor, Bigtime Books – Fearless Five

This week Katy, Kellie, Kevin, and Mandy chat about their latest favorites. Mandy reviews Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Kevin tackles Cards Against Humanity, Katy goes a little crazy for Cox n Crendor, and Kellie dishes on superheroes while discussing the Bigtime books by Jennifer Estep. We had a minor issue with some clicking audio around the middle of the podcast, but there should be enough hysterical laughter and conversation to drown it out. Thank you for listening!


Wekk Podcast – Ep 6 – We’ve Got a Question

Who’s your all time favorite villain? Kevin posed the question and Kellie, Katy, and Mandy racked their brains (and looked into their hearts) to find the answer. After you’ve heard our answers, let us know your favorite. Send us a note on Twitter, Facebook, or email us at wekkpodcast@gmail.com. And, as always, thank you for listening!


Wekk Podcast – Ep 5 – Books and Braun, Batman ’66, Geek and Sundry Twitch, The Martian

This week Katy, Kellie, Kevin, and Mandy talk about books they love (Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences and The Martian), comic books they adore (Batman ’66), and Geek and Sundry’s new Twitch stream, which is just plain awesome.

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“Life of Riley” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/


Wekk Podcast – Ep 4 – Binge-worthy media and a debate about spoilers

This week Katy, Kellie, Kevin, and Mandy discuss binge-worthy media in all shapes and sizes…but mostly television. Then they tread into a debate over whether spoilers are good or bad, or good and bad, or mostly bad, good, and infuriating.

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“Life of Riley” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/


Wekk Podcast – Episode 3 – Round Table: We’re Alive, Station Agent, Dragon Age, Star Wars Rebels

This week is another fun round table. Kellie talks about “We’re Alive,” a zombie podcast, Katy admits she’s finally figured out RPG’s…sort of, Mandy gets us sidetracked with discussions about movies, and Kevin delves into animated Star Wars television (AND we learn he owns the best, most horrible thing ever.)

Links below:

“Life of Riley” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

We’re Alive – http://www.werealive.com

Dragon Age Inquisition – http://www.bioware.com/en/

Station Agent – http://www.thestationagent.com

Star Wars Rebels – http://www.starwars.com/tv-shows/star-wars-rebels


Wekk Podcast Episode 2 – Zombies

In which Katy, Kellie, Mandy, and Kevin dig deep into zombie mythology and discuss everything from Walking Dead to iZombie and more. We then tread into post-apocolypic fare and Kevin gives a spot on impression of Mad Max as Bane.

“Life of Riley” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Movies and Books Discussed:

Walking Dead, iZombie, Warm Bodies, Night of the Living Dead, 28 Days Later, Z Nation, World War Z, The Road, I am Legend, Mad Max, and everything by Stephen King. We also talked about Chew the comic book series.


Episode 1 – Wekk Podcast – Round Table: Board Game, Creepy Hollow, Mr. Kiss and Tell, Comics

Each week you can look forward to a new conversation with Katy, Kellie, Kevin, and Mandy. In our first episode we discuss a board game, a series of books, a book inspired by a movie, and a fun website. Links are below.

Music: “Life of Riley” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Board Game – B-17: Queen of the Skies – www.boardgamegeek.com

Books – Creepy Hollow Series, Rachel Morgan, www.Rachel-Morgan.com,

Book – Mr. Kiss and Tell, Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham,

Website – Amy Dallen’s Talkin’ Comics Weekly – Geek & Sundry Vlogs Channel