Wekk Chatter – Ep 36 – Guilty Pleasures – (Or Enjoying what you love)

This week we introduce a new format for Wekk Podcast. We’re going to do four different types of podcasts – Wekk Chatter, Wekk Listens, Wekk Reads, and Wekk Imagines. We’re also going to be posting every other week until 2016.

This week’s episode is all about loving what we love and not feeling guilty about it. Kevin starts us off by discussing the documentary Sound City in which Dave Grohl encourages everyone to not feel guilty about the music they enjoy. In our typical fashion, Katy, Kellie, and Mandy broaden that to talk about television, movies, books, and food we enjoy but don’t share with the world. We talk about many, many things including Barry Manilow, ABBA, A-Team, Meatloaf, Mountain Dew, Hostess Cupcakes, and a vase full of action figures.

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