Wekk Podcast – Ep 46 Fan Fiction

We delve into fan fiction in this week’s episode. Katy, Kellie, Mandy, and Kevin all share (and potentially, hysterically, overshare) what fandoms they love the most (Star Trek, Veronica Mars, X-Files…) and discover that they know more about fan fiction then they originally thought. In the course of the discussion we covered so many great websites and sources that the link list below long, but they are all worth checking out. Bottom line, in our opinion, if you want to write fan fiction, do it, and have fun…and then link us to what you post.

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1 thought on “Wekk Podcast – Ep 46 Fan Fiction”

  1. Hey. OCD Kevin here. This is a bit of an apologia on my part. On this episode, I mention a piece of fanfic that I objected to because it depicted Spock telling Kirk that he felt “insulted.” I mentioned that Spock would never say such a thing.

    Well, I’m watching “STVI: The Undiscovered Country” right now because… well, why not? And Kirk tells Spock that he feels that “Everybody’s human,” to which Spock replies, “I find that remark… insulting.” It’s played for laughs because Spock had just attempted to tell a joke.

    So, until I learn otherwise, I still maintain that TV series Spock would not have said that. OCD Kevin out. 😉


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