Wekk Reads – Ep 53 – Harley Quinn, Killing Joke, Star Maker, Civil Eats

We all like to read, but we all gravitate toward different things, so starting with this reads we each brought something to share. Kellie shared her love for all things Harley Quinn, Kevin discussed The Killing Joke, Katy went into way too much detail about The Star Maker (and Freeman Dyson, Dyson Sphere, Kepler Mission…way too much), and Mandy told us all about a news site called Civil Eats.

We also had some fun news stories. Here are some links if you want more information:

Harley QuinnThe Killing JokeThe Star Maker wikiCivil EatsLatest info on the Kepler mission – NASAThe Little Prince picked up by NetflixNew Batman AnimatedSuicide Squad reshoots

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