Wekk Podcast – Ep 56 – Comedy Part I

Katy, Kellie, Mandy, and Kevin chat about their favorite comedians in this super fun episode. Kellie shares how much she loves a podcast called The Monster Hunters and Mandy talks about a new app called Laugh.ly. After that we get sidetracked (and do some fabulous singing) talking about Stephen LynchChristine LavinPhil Hendrie, and of course Ray Stevens (you’re welcome for the impromptu harmony).

Then we go around and share our favorite comedians – Steve Martin, George Carlin, Ellen DeGeneres, and Patton Oswalt. And then we go a little crazy and talk about a whole bunch more people – Amy Schumer, Nikki Glaser, Lenny Bruce, Joan Rivers, Whoopi Goldberg, Phyllis Diller, Gilda Radner, Bill Hicks, Larry the Cable Guy, Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Ron White (possibly a relative of Kellie…we’re not sure…we are, but we aren’t saying), Eddie Izzard and SO MANY MORE………….


2 thoughts on “Wekk Podcast – Ep 56 – Comedy Part I”

    1. Ha! Absolutely right. So many omissions. We hope to have a part 2 down the line, although the focus will likely be sketch comedy troupes and shows, as well as comedic talk show hosts versus stand up comics. But when we do it, we’ll mention your comment! Thanks for listening, Nick.


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