Growing Up 70’s – Ep 1 – The Love Boat

Are you already singing The Love Boat theme? We know you are. We did, too. Every day, for a week before we recorded this. In our first episode of Growing up 70’s Kellie and Katy have things to say about The Love Boat. They have opinions on the clothes, the cast, and the stories. They also invited their moms to participate in a segment they like to call “The Mom Poll.”

Here are a few places you can get additional information on the show: The Love Boat WikiAV ClubPrincess Cruises

“Growing Up 70’s” is all about the television shows that shaped our youth. If you have ideas on what shows Kellie and Katy should cover, be sure to email them at wekkpodcast@gmail.com. The only requirement is that the show had to have first run episodes that aired in the 70’s.

Music – Ben Sound – Ben Sound Music Link – Used via Creative Commons  Music: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music


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