Growing Up 70’s – Ep 2 – The Hardy Boys

Remember The Hardy Boys? Didn’t we all have crushes on Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy? Or was that just Kellie and Katy? I’m pretty sure we weren’t alone. In this episode we find out that it might have been better to leave this one way back in our youthful memories, however, we did learn that Kellie’s mom might have been hiding something about her “other mother.” As per usual we discuss the clothes, the credits, the cast, and the stories (as well as the editing and the scene with Frank in his underwear).

Some links to find out more about The Hardy Boys: The Hardy Boys WikiThe Hardy Boys IMDBDen of Geek’s Summary of the Show…it’s really good and probably much more accurate than ours…


“Growing Up 70’s” is all about the television shows that shaped our youth. If you have ideas on what shows Kellie and Katy should cover, be sure to email them at wekkpodcast@gmail.com. The only requirement is that the show had to have first run episodes that aired in the 70’s.

Music – Ben Sound – Ben Sound Music Link – Used via Creative Commons  Music: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music

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