Wekk Whovians – Ep 09 – The Empty Child – S01E09

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Kellie and Kevin review Part One of the epic two-parter that introduces us to the charming and mysterious Captain Jack Harkness, and possibly the scariest storyline of the Eccleston era. We get a creepy gas-masked child, creepy gas-masked adults, we see London during The Blitz, and it’s probably the first Wekk Whovian episode review where we don’t really have anything jokey to say about the plot. We loved it, and we hope you love this revisit to the “onion-peeling” of Captain Jack Harkness. (There are many layers, but we only peeled away two.)


  1. Kevin begins to refer to The Blitz as being in 1940, but he corrects himself. It actually occurred between Sept 1940 to May 1941.
  2. Wikipedia page on barrage balloons.
  3. Yes, after correcting himself, Kevin does start to say Dr. Constantine’s name wrong again.
  4. Finally, the “U-Boat Captain” reference that Kellie mentioned comes when Jack refers to Rose as “flag girl,” due to her Union Jack t-shirt, and Jack refers to The Doctor’s clothing as the style of a “U-Boat Captain.” He’s mocking their lack of ability to blend in with the local environment.

“Five Armies” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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