Growing up 70’s – Bonanza

Bonanza premiered in 1959 and lasted for 14 seasons (so it totally counts as a 70’s television show…but more importantly it is one of our favorite shows so we just had to talk about it). It had one of the best dads on television and Katy, Kellie, and Mandy know what a good dad is. Lorne Greene (love him), Pernell Roberts (those eyes), Dan Blocker (the heart of the show), and Michael Landon (darn wonderful man) together with David Dortort (the historian, producer, writer and creator of the show) gifted us with a colorful, quality episodic dream of a series and there is a good reason why you can still catch it on television today.

We hope you’re enjoying our music, Watering Trees, by Katy – performed and arranged by Samantha Theisen and Alex Brandenburg. Be sure to let us know if you are enjoying the show and if you have anything you’d like us to cover.


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