Wekk Whovians – Ep 13 – The Parting of the Ways – S1E13

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Kellie and Kevin wrap up Series One with the rousing excitement of “The Parting of the Ways,” where there are Daleks, and battles, and deaths… OH MY! Find out what Bad Wolf really means, how this is Rose’s greatest moment so far on the show, and how Barcelona figures into the episode.

1. Yes, we were oh so very ignorant of the Dalek Emperor’s origins, dear Whovians. The Dalek Emperor debuted on TV in the 1966 2nd Doctor story, “The Evil of the Daleks,” but its true debut was in 1964 on a series of collectible cards printed with packs of “sweet cigarettes” by the Cadet Sweets confectionary company. The two stories in the 50 card set were called “Doctor Who and the Daleks.” Trivia Achievement Earned!
2. David Tennant is listed as “Doctor Who” in the end credits, and this is the first and last time Tennant is listed that way in the show. In every subsequent episode, Tennant is listed as “The Doctor,” as the role had been billed for the last decade or so of the classic series.

Music Credit:
“Five Armies” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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