Katy’s List of Things!

Katy here. I’ve been wanting to contribute to the Wekk website with a regular blog post for a while, but I wasn’t sure what to write. I rejected nearly every idea – even the one that would have the title “Half Tablet Every Day” (which seemed genius at the time, but in retrospect is rather vague). Kevin is the expert at trailer breakdowns, Mandy excels at pop culture historical analysis, and Kellie knows the most about pretty much everything else, so I wasn’t sure if I could contribute. But tonight I was struck with inspiration, so without further delay I present to you the first – Katy’s List of Things!

The Three Best Things to Buy at a Grocery Store

Delicious things. Let’s face it, we all go to the grocery store intending to buy vegetables, but somewhere between the entrance and the fresh foods we suddenly need chocolate. We deserve that chocolate. If we’ve had an especially stressful day (doctor’s appointment, vet visit, too many conference calls…) the chocolate needs to be frozen…as in ice cream. This category also includes anything that’s bad for us – guacamole, cinnamon rolls, bacon. We hide these wonderful items under several clear bags of colorful vegetables (time to make that spinach salad) and we vow not to let the produce decompose in our refrigerator.

Magazines. I can go entire weeks without a single article about how to improve my life, but five seconds into the checkout line I suddenly need to know how to dress for the holiday season. I also need to know how to erase wrinkles in my face, where to go on vacation, and how to bake my family a delicious casserole…using lots of vegetables (preferably not eggplant, because even though I don’t hate eggplant, I’m not sure I understand why we try and use it…I mean it’s smushy and purple, like a large bloated prune).

Hash Browns. They make me happy. I will sometimes buy several packs, greedily grabbing the last few on the shelf, because what if there is a hash brown shortage? I might be forced to go weeks between crispy delicious bites. Horrifying. I also enjoy buying frozen breakfast burritos, but I’m not sure I can explain that (also that’s four things and I am trying to stick to three for these lists).

So a successful grocery store visit involves these three things…and an iced latte (also…burritos). Did I miss one?

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